Rishi Kumar, the founder of the Balmaitri Projects, believes that you can save the village children by academic education, personal growth and hygiene activities, developing confidence, building morals and by teaching values. His hope is that the children in turn will educate the people in their villages to the benefit of all. Rishi says that if the village is saved, nature can be saved.

Rishi has developed three major projects, the Balmaitri School and Children’s Home, the Balmaitri Ramajiwala School and the Village Education Project.

Balmaitri School and Children’s HomeBalmaitri School

The Balmaitri School and Children’s Home is located 18 km from Luxman Jhula near Rishikesh in the state of Uttarakhand, northern India. The school focuses on providing education to children from rural backgrounds. Thirty five children live in including orphans or children from single parent homes and all the children are from very poor backgrounds. Approximately140 children attend the school daily from several surrounding villages, some walking up to 10 kms each day to reach the school. A contribution to school fees depends on the family’s ability to pay. Most families pay only a nominal amount or don’t pay at all.

Balmaitri Second schoolThe curriculum includes Hindi, English, math, Sanskrit, science, history and geography with special instruction about nature and the ecosystem. The children also write, produce and perform puppet shows and plays about alcoholism, the environment, encouraging the education of girls, managing the ecosystem and how to save the social environment. The 8 teachers at the school also lead cultural activities such as drama, music, art, public speaking and dance.

Balmaitri Ramajiwala

The Balmaitri Ramajiwala school is located 50 kms from Balmaitri and is attended by approximately 30 children with 2 teachers. The children at this school wear the same uniform and study the same curriculum as the children who attend the Balmaitri School.

The Village Education ProjectMedical Camp for the Villagers

The Village Education Project group meets once a month to discuss village problems and needs including planting trees, welfare issues and monetary concerns such as marriages and hospital expenses. It also manages the preservation of spring water sources and arranges medical and eye camps as well as meetings for the empowerment of women.

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