If you are looking for an exciting volunteer opportunity in beautiful northern India, you would be most welcome to volunteer and join in the magic of the Balmaitri School. Recently, 4 volunteers from Australia, Canada, Germany and the USA visited the school and had a wonderful time with the children.

What would you do as a volunteer…Children dancing

There is ample opportunity for you to share your skills and talents with the children:

1) There is a strong emphasis on the arts at Balmaitri School so you could start by using your creativity in the area of dance, painting, yoga, crafts, singing, games, puppetry or sewing.

2) The children are encouraged to develop their English language skills, so tutoring the children in English or Men at workhelping them with writing would open many doors for them in the future!

3) If your talents and skills entail building or construction, development in the Balmaitri compound is in need of completion.

There is a great deal of flexibility and support for volunteers from the wonderful staff and students at Balmaitri School. They are open to all kinds of creative ideas.  Any contribution you could make would be so greatly appreciated!

What will it cost you…Guest Accommodation

Volunteers are required to make a donation of Rs.100 per day. This includes three excellent vegetarian meals, comfortable guest room accommodation with western bathroom facilities and guided hikes to village workshops to experience theatre and dance performances.

The founder, Rishi Kumar, invites you to stay for any length of time.

For more information about volunteering, email Rishi Kumar at balmaitri@gmail.com and/or email either Cara Calibaba from Canada at caracalibaba@hotmailmail.com or Jannette Barrett from Australia at janobarr@gmail.com, both former volunteers.

We would be happy to answer your questions!

What do volunteers say about their experience…

“My experience at Balmaitri has forever opened my heart, mind and spirit. During my interaction with the children and staff, I witnessed the true essence of love and gratitude. These children Caracame from unimaginable poverty, yet they radiated true happiness with their warm smiles and big hugs. I enjoyed doing activities with the children and the yoga/ meditation was a fantastic way to start the day. I gained a broader perspective on life in India because of a guided- hike to a surrounding village. I was able to meet the villagers and give out school supplies, which was an unforgettable experience. The quiet, peaceful surroundings of Malel Goan village is so inviting and warm that I look forward to my next trip. Rishi (founder) and Maya (head-teacher) have made it their life’s work to be dedicated to the children and villagers, they are true inspirations. I’m proud to say that I’m now part of the Balmaitri Family and have made connections that will last for a life-time.”

Always in my heart, to our “Lovely Mission.”
Cara Calibaba, CANADA

Jannette with Prachi“It was quite by chance that I came to know about Balmaitri School whilst volunteering at another school in Luxman Jhula, about 250 klms north of New Delhi, in late 2007. When friends from Australia visited me, we spent the most unforgettable day at Balmaitri which started with a trek to one of the surrounding villages. We were met with a garland and the children performed for us through dance, yoga and a play about the dangers of alcohol which the children wrote and directed themselves. The warm welcome and enthusiasm made me feel so special. Since my first visit, I have taken three lots of visitors to Balmaitri and have commenced fundraising activities back in Australia to help Rishi with his selfless mission. Rishi’s philosophy is to save the children, who will save the village, who will in turn save the environment. He’s making a real difference to the lives of the village people and I want to be a part of that!”

Jannette Barrett, AUSTRALIA

Zack with childrenI stumbled upon Balmaitri when I was travelling with a friend. We were both staying in guest houses about 20 klms away. He visited the school and told me about it. Then I came. I liked it. So here I am now.

Most days I teach in a formal setting for 4-5 hours and I teach informally for 0-2 hours. I also go for a walk to villages, or in the jungle, almost every day.

Zack Haber, Virginia, USA

After working as a volunteer and visiting other Indian schools, I found this wonderful place through friends. As I visited Maya and the kids the first time, I felt so touched that I knew quickly, that I would Anna with Ektacome again. So I came and taught english in most of the classes for about 5 weeks. In my freetime we went for walks, talked to people in the village, visited temples, enjoyed the singing and dancing of the kids and practiced english. The unity of beautiful nature, caring staff, motivated and joyful kids and the kind village people around is very special. It was an unforgetable experience for me to live in an environment of so much respect, love and peace. I am very grateful to know this place and the people there.

Anne Fischbach, Germany

I first visited Balmaitri two years ago on a day visit with my friend Jannette.  We spent a lovely afternoon in the peace and quiet of the mountains with the Karishmachildren all aroundJude teaching a dancing game us happily working on a craft project. I returned a year later and stayed for 4 days which went by very fast as we were busy with sewing children’s clothes, teaching dancing games and planting apple trees. But most importantly was the joy of meeting and spending time getting to know Karishma, the girl I sponsor. She is just blossoming into a beautiful young adult in the love and support of Balmaitri care. How wonderful also that Rishi had considered our comforts and built a beautiful modern western toilet and showed that was easy to access.

Jude Rutter, Western Australia

A Day at Balmaitri

Time Activity
6:30 a.m. Children wake and bathe themselves.
7:00 a.m. Children say their morning Hindu prayer. Volunteers are welcome to take part in this beautiful experience.
7:30 a.m. Tea Time for the children, staff and volunteers.
7:45 a.m. Children do yoga, meditation and prayer to the sun guided by Maya the head teacher. Volunteers are welcome to take part. This is an amazing way to start your day!
9:00 a.m. Breakfast for children and volunteers. Village children arrive from their hike to Balmaitri.
10:00 a.m. School begins.
12:30 p.m. Lunch for Children and volunteers.
3:45 p.m. School finishes, snack and tea time.
4:00 – 5:30 p.m. Volunteers may lead an activity with the children.
5:30 p.m. Evening prayer & readings by the children about their “Daily News” for that day, study time.
8:00 p.m. Dinner
9.00 p.m. Bedtime.