On this page you will discover the wonderful projects that are taking place at Balmaitri School and Children’s Home.

Women’s Conference

About 200 women from regional villages and cities recently attended a Women’s Conference held at the school. The purpose of the conference was for women to voice their concerns, including  political and social difficulties, problems in the village or anything that was on their mind. Prominent women speakers were also in attendance. This annual conference is seen as an opportunity for personal development as well as networking and sharing. The conference concluded with a cultural program performed by the children which included dancing, poetry reading and a kirtan.


Women’s Workshop

About 20 village women attended a two day workshop recently held at the school. The workshop included training in practical areas such as cooking and house keeping. There was also an opportunity for women to practice yoga and meditation and to experience drama classes.


Guided Village Walks

If you have a few days to spare and wish to experience the diversity and challenges of village life, Rishi Kumar has developed a village walk where you will have the opportunity to spend a night in a remote village and learn the traditions and struggles of its’ people. If you would like to find out more, please email Rishi – balmaitri@gmail.com


Medical CampsMedical Camp for the Villagers

Possibly one of the most important annual events at Balmaitri is the free medical camp. Doctors from the surrounding towns donate their time to come to the school and hold consultations with village people who would otherwise have little or no opportunity to seek medical aid. Some of the patients walk for hours to come to the medical camp and wait patiently for their turn to see the doctor. Medications and the doctors’ time are donated free of charge.


Sewing Classes

You may have read on the Founder page that Rishi Kumar developed a Women’s Self-Sustainment Sewing Centre in 1989 in Rishikesh. This project is still running today at the school with afternoon sewing classes for village women and school children who are interested in mastering the art of sewing. Eight sewing machines are now available and well utilised by village women and children of all ages. The classes are offered free of charge. One village women has gone on to teach women back in her village how to sew in an endeavour to empower and encourage these women who would otherwise not have access to sewing skills.


Children’s Yoga Classes

Maya teaching Yoga

The children who live at Balmaitri have the opportunity to practice yoga on a daily basis. There is a qualified teacher who lives at the school and the children love to attend these energetic and valuable yoga sessions. The improvement in the yoga asanas by children who perform them regularly with concentration and sincere dedication in just a short period of time is quite astounding. Guests staying at the school are also welcome and encouraged to join in.


Cultural Programs

The children love nothing more than to perform a cultural program for family, friends and guests visiting Balmaitri. They are quite proficient in puppetry, drama and also dancing. Cultural programs are held on particular Hindu days of celebration as well as Christmas and Rishi’s birthday.

Children dancing